We at Lynch Brothers Roofing provide honest, quality service for each homeowner, backed by more than 25 years of roofing in the Cedar Rapids area.

Our Quality Service Includes:

  • Itemized estimates
  • One crew – consistent & expedient
  • Tarps & Nail Magnet for mess-free cleanup
  • Dump truck – no dumpster left in your driveway
  • 25 year warranty on workmanship
  • Factory warranties on shingles
  • No mark-up on materials
  • Licensed and insured

Itemized Estimates:
We break down your costs, item by item to fully explain what it is going to take to complete your roof. There are no hidden costs or confusing paper work, just straight answers for straight work.

One Crew:
The advantage of our one crew system is you know who is working on your roof and all your questions and concerns can be addressed on the spot. Working as a team on a regular basis helps us with consistency & expediting the job at hand.

Dump Truck:
You’ve seen your neighbors have a large dumpster dropped on their driveway for several days before any work began, and many days after work is finished.

Not with Lynch Brothers Roofing. We utilize our dump truck to reduce the inconvenience of having a dumpster in your drive. We just pull in and pull out as needed.

Guaranteed No-Mess:
Covering your bushes & lawn helps reduce the mess that can be made during a roofing job. Using our Nail Magnet, we effectively remove all the potentially harmful elements from your yard and driveway.

25 Year Warranty on Workmanship:
We guarantee our workmanship for 25 years. Having served the Cedar Rapids area for over 25 years, our history of outstanding service is well known.

Factory Warranty on Shingles:
We puchase our shingles from local suppliers that offer factory warranties with every product.

Member of the Better Business Bureau