10 Mommy Issue Signs

1. You are in need

People raised by emotionally distant moms may have a strong demand for emotional nurture. 

2. You Have Difficulties Expressing Affection 

Do you capitalize the "I" in stoic? Is it difficult for you to communicate your feelings?

3. You're Detached and Resentful 

Do you jump across the room at every sudden cough, flash, and bang? 

4. You Provide Excessive Care

People who become excessive caregivers may acquire the habit as a result of a negligent or hovering mother. 

5. You Live With Constant Tension

Many people in this group learn that it is an intergenerational trauma — or a tick that has been handed down from mother to daughter for generations.

6. You're Carrying Insecurities

Maybe she never slapped you on the back or said, "good job," or maybe she was the sort who ignored you if you weren't perfect or withheld praise when you didn't win. 

7. You are a people pleaser to the extreme

Some mommy concerns cause women to become compulsive people pleasers. They go to great lengths to acquire approval. 

 8. You are controlling

We can assure you that it is not a nice appearance. Controlling personalities may suffocate situations and make others uncomfortable. 

9. You are very judgmental

Do you want to know whether I have mommy issues? If this is the case, the next issue to consider is, "Am I very judgmental?" Because they frequently go hand in hand.

10. You are codependent

Mothers who do not let their girls to be their own individuals frequently have codependent daughters who rely on others to meet their obligations.

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