10 Small Dog Breeds That Make the Best Teeny Tiny Companions

Boston Terrier

Because he is so well-behaved, people call this dog "The American Gentleman." The Boston Terrier's tuxedo hair, square head, and short muzzle make him easy to spot.

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

The Yorkshire Terrier is not a large dog like the Boston Terrier. The people who own these dogs say that they are brave and bossy.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

People love these cute dogs for more than just their smooth, colorful coats. They're also very calm, which makes them easy to train.

Toy Poodle

With weights of no more than six pounds, these dogs are some of the smallest on our list. But don't be fooled by their small size.


Maltese dogs are great for apartment life because they are small and light (less than seven pounds). This little lap dog loves to be petted and can also be a good guard when needed.


Dachshunds, which are also called "wiener dogs," were first bred to help shooters get into rabbit or badger holes, and that tradition has stuck around.


The Basenji, which is known as "Africa's barkless dog," grooms itself a lot and doesn't like standard training.

Cocker Spaniel

These dogs have become one of the most popular breeds in the world thanks to their smooth coats, big dark eyes, and long, lush ears.

Shih Tzu

That's another dog with a beautiful coat that needs work to keep it in good shape, but it looks like the work is well worth it.

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