7 Indicators Of Dog Illness And Treatment Options

Distemper and parvovirus are pup-only infections that can make your dog sick. All need veterinary care. If your dog seems off, take them to the vet.


In order to catch your attention quickly, dogs moan and whine. Be aware of how and when your dog barks. If not when they want to go outside or are hungry, something else may be up.


Dogs hobble from sprains, fractures, and joint injuries. Sometimes your pet can't put weight on the troublesome paw. X-rays and professional treatment may be needed to diagnose the problem.


Has your dog started stumbling and falling mid-run? They may have a stroke or brain tumor/inflammation. Alternatively, they may have a common ear infection. See a vet immediately if it happens frequently.

Balance Loss

Runny bowel syndrome's main cause? What your dog ate upset their stomach. This symptom shouldn't be ignored, though. A significant bacterial infection may be involved.


It's hard to watch your dog throw up, but it might mean they ate too much, too fast, or something they didn't like.


If your dog is hot or has exercised, they may pant a lot. However, unusually heavy panting may indicate respiratory discomfort in your pet.

Frequent Panting

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