Mesmerizing 3B Hairstyles For Your Natural Curls

Side-parted Short Curls

Curly hair complements many short hairstyles. You may also use them to style 3B hair. Side-parted short curls are one such style that is simple to maintain.

Short Comb Coils

Curly hair is frequently groomed with comb coils because to its exceptional properties. The hairdo is low-maintenance and keeps strands healthy.

Pinup Top Loose Curls

Wearing natural curls freely may provide in beautiful styles that everyone can try. You look amazing with long curly hair that extends over your shoulders or short strands.

Pineapple Wrap Hairstyle

Every woman with curly hair should try a pineapple wrap. The design is beautiful and improves eyesight. This look necessitates long wavy hair and a scarf.

Curly Layers & Framing Bangs

Curlies used to be unable to have layers or bangs. This is one way curl experts have applied them to curly hair.

Half Black Half Blond Curly Bob

Bob haircuts are often worn with straight or wavy hair, but fashionistas are also sporting them with curly hair. Consider the curly bob with straight bangs.

Loose Curls with Side Braids

Side braids add a unique and customized style to loose hair. Wearing curls with side braids simplifies styling. Braided haloes are also an option.

Mid Part Loose Curly Tail

My present hairstyle is ideal for type 3B hair. Hair wax is used to separate the front strands halfway. The strands are gathered to form a sloppy curled ponytail.

Rezo Curls With Bangs

The Rezo cut emancipates type 3B curls from the root, making it an excellent style. This excellent haircut for volume is created by trimming dry hair.

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