Modern Bathroom Designs To Recreate In Your Own Home

Embrace Exposed Materials

They repurposed two nightstands underneath the countertop and sink for more storage and clutter-free surfaces as a budget-friendly alternative to custom built-ins.

Take Inspiration From Nature

Modern and chic, this en suite bathroom is charming. Modernism is known for its naturalistic touches.

Design Around a View

This contemporary bathroom is a masterpiece with minimal ornamentation and nature-inspired materials. For attention, the circular floating bathtub is situated beside the enormous floor-to-ceiling window.

Modernize Preexisting Features

Matching drapes, an open doorway, and a subdued caramel color palette connect the main bedrooms to the contemporary bathroom. Marble cube stool and modern sconce updated the clawfoot tub.

Experiment With Surface Materials

Cork, a sustainable substance, provides warmth, comfort, noise reduction, and natural climate control. Using unusual materials to create a contemporary aesthetic is always a positive.

Choose Glass

A floating bench adds formal and utilitarian value, and bathers won't have to worry about a curtain blocking their wash.

Mix In Organized Shapes

Fun bathroom design with organic curves and tight color scheme. It's the finest of both worlds with midcentury roots and modern fixtures and materials.

Play Up Natural Elements

Highlights a marble slab that curves like the ceiling. This cleverly makes difficult or uneven rooflines seem planned.

Play With Graphic Prints

This little bathroom's bold red paint is complemented with fun graphic floor tiles. In a small bathroom, the large drawers under the floating vanity help keep things organized.

Stick to One Grayscale Color

Modern, minimalist bathrooms like this one suit the infinite effect. The clay-white tone covers the room, yet the numerous textures and shapes add visual interest.

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