Space-saving Beautiful Little Laundry Room Ideas

1. Farmhouse-Retro Laundry Room

The vacant space above the machines is used in this farmhouse laundry room. This area is humorous with laundromat-inspired wall instructions.

2. Enjoy the Sunshine in the Laundry Room

An unadorned window lets natural light into this design. Shelf space is available above the front-loading washer and dryer. There's room to hang clean garments.

3. Cozy Country Laundry Room

Shelves cover the washing and dryer and provide room for a sorting bin. Metal containers are on the first shelf and laundry detergents are easily accessible on the second.

4. Fresh Out of the Dryer Laundry

Taupe walls warm whites. A brown floor and dried flower pots on open shelves make the laundry room pleasant.

5. Laundry Pocket Turned Accent Wall

Hidden behind a sliding barn door is one option. Bright aquamarine blue door matches French window curtain bottoms.

6. Neutral-colored modern laundry room

Sorting and hand washing may be done in one laundry room if you have sufficient space. Deep apron sink and rustic wooden countertop match the hardwood floor in this room.

7. Give Your Laundry Room French Country Charm

Floor tiles match the front-loading washer and dryer's color scheme. Woven grass baskets resemble roll-up shade bamboo. Live plant pots provide charm.

8. Bright Whites Done Right

A rough-hewn shelf with matching gray storage bins brightened this little laundry area. The wiring and pipes were partly concealed by a “Laundry” sign.

9. Give your laundry room vintage charm

The laundry room's metallic wall tile complements the window frames, giving it an antique look. A shiny stone shelf is ideal for machines with empty tops.

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