The 7 Telltale Signs You Have A Stoic Personality

1. Calm Under Pressure

Stoics are naturally calm under duress. They stay calm through high-stakes presentations, tests, and other stressful events that may cause others distress.

2. Self-Regulated

They seldom make snap decisions or succumb to evil. These calm people recognize that self-governance is necessary to live sensibly, ethically, and for a greater cause.

3. Controlling what they can

Stoics focus on their influence. Instead of worrying about things they can't alter, they work. They don't dwell on the past or forecast the future. They prioritize living meaningfully now.

4. Rational over Emotional

These calm people use rationality, unlike emotional folks. They try to examine things objectively, avoid snap judgments, and weigh all sides.

5. Relationship discernment

Stoics choose their friends carefully. They prioritize values-based relationships above casual ones. These folks value meaningful relationships over the quantity of acquaintances. 

6. Learner for Life

They seek information to improve their character, viewpoint, and leadership. They acknowledge their ignorance in the face of the huge cosmos and pursue learning with humility.

7. Strong amid Adversity

This unshakeable individual stays the path even in difficult times. They handle hardships without protest or breakdown. 

They anticipate life to be challenging. Through reasonable planning and everyday practice, people prepare for difficulty.

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