The Greatest Non College Jobs

Technology careers are possible without a college degree. You good at problem-solving? Like working with new tech? A computer expert profession may be suited for you!

A Computer Expert

Do you enjoy helping? Consider becoming a medical assistant? Certification training usually takes less than two years.

Medical Assistant

Enter a trade or vocational school to become an electrician. This field offers apprenticeships. You can practice before becoming an independent worker.


Consider becoming a restaurant kitchen cook if you like cooking and entertaining. You get to cook different things, work with other foodies, and learn new abilities.

Kitchen Chef

Enjoy a lively restaurant or bar? Perhaps bartending is for you. Learn mixology and hospitality basics in readily available classes.


Do you like to travel? Then flight attendant may be appropriate for you. No college degree needed. Traveling the world and meeting varied people are benefits.

A Flight Attendant

A college degree is not needed to become an insurance agent. You must be licensed in your state. This job lets you sell insurance to different customers based on their needs.

Insurance Agent

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